Triple Crown of the Alps: Inspiration for Whitesides

Check out Spanish climbers Iker and Eneko Pou in what might be my favorite climbing film series yet. Here's the first one, but be sure to watch them all.

The quality is so top-notch, and the clear appreciation of climbing history and heritage so refreshing, that there's nothing not to like.

One highlight for me was Kammerlander's child-like exposition about the creative pleasure of seeing a line, wondering if it will go, and then actually undertaking the adventure to climb the thing. In broken English, knowing he's not doing that experience justice, he simply concludes, "It is cool, it is great."

I'll admit these climbers and climbs may seem pretty far afield. Routes like Zahir are the definition of esoteric: both top-end hard and bold. Yet it's still inspiring to learn about them. And even more so to take in the interviews with legends like Huber, Manolo and Kammerlander. Damned if they didn't light a fire under my butt to take a trip over to Whitesides.

Zachary Lesch-Huie

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