Disasteroid (V6), Hound Ears

At the very end of the day on Saturday, my friend Ben Newton from Asheville decided to give Disasteroid (V6) a try. This is one of the brand-spanking new problems down at the creek boulders. Ben had been climbing all day and still really went for it...but the blank mantle top out was a bit of a challenge. I give him props for digging deep and finishing the line.



  1. I've been checking out this blog for a few months now, nice work. It's been a long time since I climbed in NC, but spent most of the 90's there. We used to have a college friend with a house in Houndears, and so we had the sweet private hookup. Videos like this make me miss it! Keep up the good work.

    -Tim Henkels

  2. Hey Tim, glad you're enjoying the blog. Having the private hookup for HE would be amazing. It's such a bummer that the place is closed to climbers--it's an amazing bunch of boulders and being up on the ridge like that is pretty killer to boot. BTW, we might've bumped into each other back in the 90s. I was here in Boone from 98-2002 for my undergrad. Hope you're getting on some good rock wherever ya live now.

  3. Tim, I just checked out your blogs. Are you living in Turkey now?!