Rumbling Bald Boulders Friksn T Available Online

From Friksn Climbing Apparel
Well, the Frixtion blog team got some of these shirts at the comp and can tell you they are comfy and cut to make you look good. They're now available for order over at the Carolina Climbers' Coalition site. Word there is numbers are running a bit low, but more are coming in soon. Price is $20, with your money going to saving classics like French Maid, Karma Police, Shady Grove and other jaw-dropping boulder problems. Get some of these hot of the presses!

-posted by Zach LH



  1. Just a little side note: these shirts fit climbers really well. Friksn does a nice job of tailoring the shirts to fit wide-shouldered, narrow waisted monkeys like us. They did the shirts for HE one year, and I loved that thang.

  2. Frik(s)n sweet man! I've got to come up with a bunch of dough to get one of all these shirts at the comp! I'm glad to see the recent fundraising for the boulders!!! Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. Yeah, it's great the way many companies are doing creative things to help with access and fundraising. Did you see that the WNC Climbers' Weekend by Fox Mtn Guides raised almost $2,000? Wild!

  4. Wow!!! $2000...I was hoping for $500, but thats just amazing! It was a fun time donating by all, thats for sure.