Corey Rich Interview

For anyone following this blog for awhile, you know I edited a book last year called Digital Masters: Adventure Photography, by Michal Clark. In the back of the book, we included a great interview with famous adventure sports photographer Corey Rich. We had to cut down the interview in the book for space reasons and we've just now put the entire interview manuscript online, and it's an entertaining read for anyone, not just adventure photogs. Check it out here.

photo copyright Blaine Deutsch / Aurora Photos


Vegas Part II

It's been crazy busy since we got back from vacation in Red Rocks a month ago; I started an exciting new project at work that's been taking up a lot of my mental space. I also just got back from NYC for a few days having meetings about the project. Exciting stuff. Anyway, it's taken me awhile to get pictures up from the second half of the trip to Vegas. This time around, I'm gonna have to make the description short and sweet and let the pics speak for themselves. After we got back from Flagstaff, we spent 3 more days climbing in the park. We met up with a really cool couple from CA and climbed with them for a couple of days. I finally stepped up to a couple of 5.11s, which were really fun, and my shoulder held up well. So that's the short and sweet update. Enjoy the images: