Late Summer Throwback

I was just cleaning up my desktop and found a few photos from a day Melissa and I spent at Hawksbill this past September. It was a beautiful Saturday and we were the only people there all day--it was pretty amazing.


Injury On the Wane

About 2 weeks ago I got some new exercises from my PT for my shoulder and they surprisingly helped almost over nite. I've been hitting the climbing gym once a week since then and got out to Rumbling Bald this weekend with my girlfriend, Melissa, and friends Ben, Alex, and Katie. I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy enjoying myself and climbing worry-free for the first time in almost 6 months. I surprised myself by pulling Dime Crack (V4) first go, Rotator Cuff (stiff V5) second try, and Full Contact (V6) after a few goes. I also fell just short of the top of the Happy Ending for Kung Fu Grip (V6). In short, I'm feeling pretty good about things right now. Sure, I've got to log lots of PT time, stretch a lot, ice my shoulder and neck after climbing, and dose up on Ibuprofen, but it's all worth it to be climbing somewhat strong again. We ended the day on Patio Roof (V8), which Ben almost sent, and I floundered on. So I'm not that strong quite yet. :) But it's still early in the season...

Melissa whipped out the camera for a few quick shots of Patio Roof: