The Rest of the Trip

I've learned that you have to be somewhat philosophical about climbing roadtrips in the SE in the wintertime. Really, if you get in a few good days, yous should be content, even if you were planning on a solid week of climbing. The weather can change so damn fast and there's a small margin between just-right temps and it being too damn cold. You can probably see what I'm leading up to. We had planned on a weeklong trip to hit up Chattanooga and HP40. I had dreams of climbing at LRC/Stone Fort, the T Wall, then heading south to HP40. By the end of the week we had gotten two days of climbing in at LRC thanks to rain, and then finally, snow.

But the 2 days we got at LRC were pretty sweet--that place is just so much fun, especially if you've only been once before as I have. There's just a ton of classics to explore. Which is what I focused on during our second day. Since my shoulder was a bit sore from bouldering a couple of days before, I decided to climb as many V3 and under classics as possible. I probably climbed about 20 or more lines. Some of the best were Mouse Trap (V2), a fun little finger crack, and Oracle (from the stand start (V3). So even though we didn't get in nearly as much climbing as I had hoped, it wasn't a total wash. There are a few pics in the slideshow below, but we didn't shoot too much on either day. We were so focused on exploring and climbing we pretty much forgot about the camera. Hope everyone else was able to get out over the holidays.

PS: I'm trying a new slideshow creator out for the first time on this post; we'll see if it's any good.

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One day at Little Rock City

This is gonna be a short post cuz I'm writing from my phone. And my hand gets numb from writing on this tiny keypad after about 20 seconds.

But we got one great day in at lrc on Monday. The weather was perfect and the shoulder is really on the mend I think: I climbed 2 v4s and a few v3s. This is a big improvement over the summer when I was doing v0s. The best climb I did was called mystery groove I think. It was a wild v4 up a pinch/sloper spine of rock.

The bad news is the weather has turned to shite. We couldn't climb at all yesterday and today everything is soaked. But we're keeping our fingers for tomorrow. More updates to come soon, weather permittin'.
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South Bound

Finally, the semester is over, as is the requisite week break to chill out and come down from all of the stress. But after a week of sitting around in the snow in Boone, it's time to hit the road. Me and Melissa are going to Chattanooga and maybe HP40 for the next few days before Christmas. Finally, we're getting some climbing in. I'll be posting from the road at various times. The weather is looking sweet! I haven't been to either place in 2 years now, so this should be a great time.

In other news, I just turned on a mobile version of this site, so it should be easier to read on phones and whatnot.



Best of Andrew Kornylak's Beta Series?

The Triple Crown Bouldering Series has come and gone and along with it, Andrew Kornylak's excellent promotional Beta Series. That series' final installment seems to have flown under the radar, but in some ways, it's the best one. Kornylak even said as much at the last Triple Crown event in Chattanooga. Filmed at Stone Fort/Little Rock City, it's called "Long Ways Down." Take a look, and see if this kid doesn't inspire you.




Your Comments are Needed on the Draft Plan for Chimney Rock State Park!

Climbers did a fantastic job of making themselves heard in the first round of the Chimney Rock State Park planning process. Now, the draft master plan for Chimney Rock State Park is out and open for comments.

Would you like to see additional climbing areas open throughout the park, besides Rumbling Bald? If you like climbing at Rumbling Bald, and would like to see climbing in other additional areas throughout the park, make yourself heard.

It is absolutely essential that climbers speak up right now on this issue. It's easy. Just go to one of the following spots:

The deadline for comments is December 13th. Don't procrastinate. Just do it.