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Rock Climbing Ads for Print and Web
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Designed for a South Carolina bouldering guidebook, this is a lifestyle ad using many of my own photos.  I also came up with the tag line, "For Every Climb."

This animated gif file was designed for use on the homepage.  I developed the "Light...Fast..Lightning Fast" tag line. 

This ad was also designed for a guidebook. I came up with the tagline, "trust your pad."

Also designed for a guidebook, this ad presented some challenges in terms of odd size and a picture that didn't have a lot of color. I tried to spice things up using design elements that matched the curve of the rock while staying consistent with design elements in other ads.

Designed as a 250 x 250 pixel ad for, I chose a simple, uncluttered design to make the harness stand out.  

These two ads are variations on the same design; one was for a guidebook and one was for the web. I again used consistent colors to go with the brand identity. Photo: Matt de Camara.

A quick guidebook ad design for logo design,  January 2011

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