Ticking Off a Few from the List

Leading BOG Man, 5.10c, Ship Rock
Photo, Zach Lesch-Huie

In the last couple of weeks I've been getting out a good bit to do some rope climbing here in the High Country. I've been totally psyched because my left shoulder keeps feeling better and better even as I push it on the grades a little more each week. That's not to say my shoulders are perfect (now the right one is more tweaky)--after trying Unwritten Law (5.12c) a few weeks back, I couldn't climb for a week. But since then I've been back to the Dump, Ship Rock, and Sunken Treasure and I've been hitting some of the things on my tick list. At Ship, I sent BOG Man (10c trad) and The Anguish of Captain Bligh (5.11b trad, I think) in one awesome day. At the Dump, I just climbed Fry Cleaned (11d sport) this weekend, and The Stain (11c sport) at Sunken Treasure. I feel like I can probably bump it up into the 12a range on sport climbs now, and keep trying trad in the low 5.11 range. So I'm psyched for the rest of the summer! Just gotta keep the ice packs frozen and the Ibuprofen ready for when I get home...