South Bound

Finally, the semester is over, as is the requisite week break to chill out and come down from all of the stress. But after a week of sitting around in the snow in Boone, it's time to hit the road. Me and Melissa are going to Chattanooga and maybe HP40 for the next few days before Christmas. Finally, we're getting some climbing in. I'll be posting from the road at various times. The weather is looking sweet! I haven't been to either place in 2 years now, so this should be a great time.

In other news, I just turned on a mobile version of this site, so it should be easier to read on phones and whatnot.



  1. Glad to hear you're getting on the road! Erich P is living in Chatty now. He's about 30 minutes from Rocktown so give him a shout. Look forward to the updates. Y'all have fun!

  2. Matt, we actually bumped into erich within ten minutes of showing up at lrc. Funny coincidence. Hope you're getting to climb some over the holidays too.