One day at Little Rock City

This is gonna be a short post cuz I'm writing from my phone. And my hand gets numb from writing on this tiny keypad after about 20 seconds.

But we got one great day in at lrc on Monday. The weather was perfect and the shoulder is really on the mend I think: I climbed 2 v4s and a few v3s. This is a big improvement over the summer when I was doing v0s. The best climb I did was called mystery groove I think. It was a wild v4 up a pinch/sloper spine of rock.

The bad news is the weather has turned to shite. We couldn't climb at all yesterday and today everything is soaked. But we're keeping our fingers for tomorrow. More updates to come soon, weather permittin'.
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  1. Mystery Groove is such a fun climb and definitely one of the classics at LRC. Sucks about the weather though, hope it gets better before HP40! I can sympathize with you on the weather too...I'm in Oregon and it is constantly overcast and drizzly. At least there's plenty of breweries to keep me happy:)