Still More Hound Ears

I keep working on the photos from Saturday as I have time. The slideshow above now has about 20 more images in it from the comp on Saturday, plus the ones from the earlier post. There's enough new ones in there that you won't be bored if you saw the last slideshow. A lot of these pics are now running on climbing.com here, which is pretty cool. If I can't climb because of this durn injury it's nice to at least feel like part of the community by recording the day.

Also, Zach LH wrote up a great review of the event, which is now also on climbing.com here.



  1. some nice shots in there Matt. I didn't realize that was you or I would have said hi, I was around when you took a bunch of them.

    Brian Payst

  2. Durn, it would've been good to meet you in person, Brian. Did I shoot any pics of you? If so, I can send 'em to you.

    We should all wear name tags at the next comp! (just kidding)

  3. None of me in the posted ones, well there is one of me in line waiting for the bus (green puffy jacket). I had on long black pants and a long sleeve grey shirt, which I changed into a red CCC shirt in the afternoon. I was around the group you shot on the brain boulder. If you got a shot of me on The Heretic I'll send you cash :-)

  4. Brian, I just gave a quick look thru the pics and didn't find ya from your description. No cash $ for me, I guess. :) I'm thinking about doing something crazy and posting all 460 pics in a slideshow somewhere. That way, all of the people I did shoot whose pics didn't make it into the final batch can pull down their pics. I'll see if anybody else wants me to do that before I overload my picasa account. Any interested takers out there for the whole slideshow? There's a lot of blown exposures and blurry shots, but I'm happy to do it if some folks want it.

  5. Please post them!

  6. OK, I just tried posting the whole slideshow and I'm having some technical issues with Picasa. it only allows like 50 images per slideshow or something. I'm gonna look into this and hopefully have the whole shebang up soon. I'll post to the home page once it's up...