Filming the ASU Climbing Team; Rumbling Bald Parking

I went to Rumbling Bald this past Sunday to help my friend Matt de Camara film the ASU Climbing Team bouldering on the CCC-owned tract of boulders. The ASU team is co-presenting Chuck Fryberger's film CORE in Boone on November 2nd (7:30 pm, IG Greer Theater), and helping to raise funds for the Rumbling Bald boulders. Because they're helping the CCC out, we thought it might make a nice way to highlight both the team and the project, and raise awareness through a little short video of them climbing on the boulders. We'll show it before the CORE show in Boone on November 2nd, then post it up for anyone to enjoy.

ASU climber on the Washing Machine boulder at Rumbling Bald (Matt de Camara Photo)

It was a riot working with Matt de Camara, as he has a low-key but constant sense of humor. He also works hard, and has a natural eye for film and photography. You can check his post and photos of the day here. He definitely kept me on task, and he did a great job interviewing the ASU team members. But his best idea of the day? Getting up pre-dawn to film a time-lapse of the sun rising up over Lake Lure and Rumbling Bald. It was painfully early, but the time-lapse was well worth it.

The ASU team did great too, dealing with less-than-ideal conditions. In a word, it was hot. But thank goodness for the shade of trees, which made it manageable. Members of the team put in a all-star showing, throwing themselves at everything. A highlight for me was filming a quiet and humble team member on his first bouldering trip out of the gym. His first of the day was the Classic Overhang. After taking his lumps, and a handful of big falls from the lip, he rolled over the top. Nice!

As a side note, Sunday was no exception to Rumbling Bald's continually growing popularity, and the tight parking at the Bald. Though it's still very early in the season, hot, and completely grown over with poison ivy and stinging nettle, the parking lot was full a minute after we pulled in. Parking tight and packing people into one car is now a must, or there are going to be lots of bummed out folks turned around after driving a long way.

Also, be aware of the Town of Lake Lure's gracious offer of overflow, carpool parking only a mile and a half down the road. You can drop a car in that big lot at the Lake Lure Visitor's Center (you'll see tennis courts and a SECU ATM), only a few hundred yards from the turn for Boys Camp Rd. Leave a car here and pack as many people and things into one car, then head on up. For a map on this parking beta, click here.

Zachary Lesch-Huie


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