Hound Ears 2010 Pictures

Hopefully I'll have time later today to flush out this post on Hound Ears. Until then, I thought I'd get up some of the best photos from the day. I think shooting a bouldering comp poses some unique challenges: mixed lighting that changes as soon as you move from a problem to the one right next to it, tons of people in the foreground and background cluttering the scene, people cycling through climbs fast so it's hard to always dial in the right settings (and you can't ask someone to climb it again like when you're out with friends). It's pretty much point, take 2 seconds to dial in settings, shoot, and hope for the best. Anyway, I think some good shots still came out of the day. Please leave a comment if you know the names of climbers or problems where I'm missing them in the caption.



  1. Matt, up for a rousing game of Shoulder Derby? Bet that problem name was meaningful for you.