Hound Ears 2010: Another Great Comp

From 2010.10.Hound Ears

I'm still recovering from the all-day and into-the-night event that is Hound Ears. This is a quick post so I'll just say it was an amazing day. The weather was perfect, the climbers were all psyched, and the worst injury of the day was a turned ankle. So all in all, a great time. One of the highlights for me was getting to take pics while about 3 or 4 strong climbers took turns sending Fuc Yo (V9) in a row (that's the pic above). I took about 500 photos Saturday, and it's gonna take me a while to get through 'em and sort out the best, so just consider this one a sneak preview of more to come.

In other news related to the comp, the CCC raised about $1300 for the Rumbling Bald fund through various raffles and Friksn T-shirt sales.


The slideshow of images from the 2010 comp can be seen here.


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