New Slackline Obsession

During my first week on campus I noticed a bunch of outdoorsy-looking undergrads hanging around a couple of slacklines they had set up on the grassy quad. I'd only tried slacklining once before years ago, but I figured what the hell else is college for if not trying new things (and falling on your ass in front of hundreds of people)? So I talked to the guys, jumped on the line, and preceded to really suck and fall on my ass in front of hundreds of people. But it didn't matter; I was hooked. I've been hitting the slackline a few times a week now, including an old (seriously moldy) one that's been set up for years behind the place I'm living. I'm now able to walk the whole length of the line most of the time. I just keep hoping the old one doesn't snap and take out my ability to reproduce as it whips old locking 'biners towards me at 100mph.

So I've been searching out how to set a new line online and also looking at some vids on youtube. People do some insane stuff on slacklines; just take a look at the vid below. I can't believe it took me so long to get into this sport since it dovetails with climbing so well. Also, it's a fun diversion as I work with my shoulder injury. It's nice to try something completely new and be on the steep end of the learning curve for a change, where progress comes quickly. I've been climbing so long that my timeline of ability looks like a seismograph during a earthquake, it's so full of ups and downs with injuries and periods of strength building. Now, with slacklining, I can work on ruining the lower half of my body for a change!



  1. Hey Matt, I've been getting into it too.. So much fun! And actually easier to get started than I thought it would be.. My ex-gymnast/dancer girlfriend is way better than me though.

    You've probably seen Dean doing his (unroped!!) highline, but if not:


  2. Yeah, I was surprised by how quickly I was able to walk the whole line. I thought it was going to take weeks to get any level of skill. (Not that I have much skill, I'm just not the worst person on the quad anymore.) Next up, back flips!

    I had just eaten lunch when I watched the video you sent. Bad timing--it made me feel a little queasy! Thanks for sharing, though!