Reel Rock Tour 2010

The 2010 Reel Rock tour came through town this weekend and it was a great collection of vids. The people who put it together did a great job showing the gamut of hard bouldering, hard sport climbing, scary trad, alpine speed climbing craziness, and some freaky free soloing (or "free basing", wherein he climbs with a parachute) by Dean Potter. It was a perfect blend that never got boring. One of my favorite parts was watching Peter Croft, who is 52, climb a 5.12 corner with total style and psyche. Climbers like Peter are the real deal and give me hope that climbing hard doesn't have to end just 'cuz of aging. Another great scene from the same video showed Lisa Rands totally losing it and getting pumped on a scary 5.12 crack. She was cursing and slamming in gear that looked sketchy as hell. Anyone who's climbed trad for very long knows that gut wrenching feeling of fear; I laughed nervously as she struggled to get past the crux and finally whipped on a tipped out cam.

If the tour comes through your town, check it out. It's totally worth the 5 bucks.

Also, thanks to Mike Grimm at Misty who sold some overstock products at the event and raised about $200 for the CCC. Nice work, Mike--and great idea. Misty will also be at the WNC Climbers' Weekend at Looking Glass, so you have another opportunity to buy some discount harnesses, chalk bags, gear slings, and whatever else they're selling off. Remember to bring cash (I forgot and was wistfully eyeing a new Misty harness all night).


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