Pat Goodman's Moderate Madness (Fun Video)

I was just checking out local climber Pat Goodman's blog and came across this video of him climbing in the Sierra. I used to work in Yosemite every summer during college, and escaping the heat and crowds of the Valley meant heading for the peaks and walls of the high country. I did a fair amount of unroped climbing (which is what you'll see Pat doing in this video) on the easy (but amazing) terrain offered up in the area, and those are some of my fondest memories of climbing ever. Most of the footage here is captured with a helmet cam, which gives great, dizzying first-person perspective on some of these exposed routes. Be sure to check out the knobs underfoot on the wild Matthes Crest; those footholds always felt one climber short of popping off (a scary thought when going ropeless). Anyway, it's a fun video (that starts getting really good around minute 2) and a nice balance to all this focus on bouldering lately because of Hound Ears!

Also, check out Pat's blog for more of his recent travels.

High Sierra Link Up from Pat Goodman on Vimeo.


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