La Sportiva Boulder Xs

I just got the La Sportiva Boulder Xs about a week ago, and so far I'm really digging them. Lately I've been wearing a pair of beatup old trail running shoes on campus and for climbing approaches, so I'm psyched to have a shoe with some more support and that's more geared towards actual rock endeavors. So far I've just been breaking them in and will do a full review in about a month after I've had a chance to really use them. As of now, I've mostly been wearing them on campus, but I've been pleased so far. I'm even noticing small stuff like it's easier going up and down stairs with a loaded pack full of books and a laptop because of the rise in the heels compared to running shoes. Besides all that, I think they look pretty dang cool, too. Anyway, look out for the full review in a few weeks!


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