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I stumbled across John Gill's website this week. Yep, that venerable master of bouldering has a website and there's some cool stuff to be found. So far, the best I've seen is the "Origins of Bouldering" section (check it out here). You gotta see the pictures of British dudes cranking in what look like dinner jackets (no bare chested crushing in those days, I guess). But you gotta give those guys props, too. They were out there getting the bidness done before there were crash pads and when the latest shoe technology included nailed soles! All of Gill's site is worth checking out, but the history of bouldering shouldn't be missed. A few teaser shots:

Early Highballin'!

Photo copyright British Mountaineering by Claude E. Benson, 1909.

Photos via johngill.net

John's site has a lot of other historical info, training stuff, and other cool insights into this legendary guy who helped shape the idea of hard climbing as we know it today. It's definitely worth a visit.


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