I'm Speechless...Almost

Dang, ya'll! Yesterday when I updated the blog about the fundraiser we were just shy of $400. I made a very personal revelation that yes, I can be type-A at times, especially when it comes to climbing and saving some sweet boulders. It wasn't easy opening up like that. It was an Oprah couch moment for me. But with everyone's support, we've now raised over $500 for the Rumbling Bald fund. I guess I should be open about my feelings more often. :) Anyway, like I said in the post title, I'm almost speechless. But I gotta give everyone who has donated a big shout out for coming through for the CCC. I'll save my big praises for my final post regarding this contest, which ends tomorrow. But I just wanted everyone to know that me, Misty, and the CCC are all psyched on this most recent showing of support.


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