Rumbling Bald Fundraiser Update, Part III

We have a new winner in the longest-distance contributor category: this weekend someone donated from Bishop, CA. Word about the Bald must get around I guess, even to people with sick bouldering in their own backyards. Thanks to him and all other contributors near and far, we've raised $385 so far. That, my friends, is just awesome. There are just a few more days of the fundraiser left--it's over on the 14th. And it'd do my fund-raising soul good to see the number get to the $400 point (if not a bit further :). So anyone out there who's been thinking about entering the contest, now's your chance to win glory, gratify my type-A personality (which likes reaching goals), and bring the total up to $400. I know you've been out there lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the right moment to hit the button...

Thanks again to all who have helped out so far. Your commitment to the boulders we all share is really appreciated. I'm looking forward to pulling names out of a hat later this week to award the goods!



  1. Whoa...over $500!!! I'd say this has been a grand success!!

  2. No doubt! And the DPM plug has helped a ton! Thanks again for your work on that.