Injury Update

Since I've got like 2 weeks of insurance left I figured I might as well spend somebody else's money (well, mostly--I'm sure I'll get a co-pay bill soon) and get my shoulder and neck looked at by a sports medicine place. Prognosis: Not great. They want to do an MRI because they want to investigate the possibility of a labrum tear. That's right, a labrum tear. I tore this same muscle/ligament thing in my right shoulder in 2003 and needed surgery, so I guess I might as well get a matching set of scars.

The thing is I don't feel like it's my labrum. I couldn't even open car doors back in 2003 without pain and this recent injury feels nowhere near as bad. But I guess it doesn't hurt to get it checked off the list of possible crap that's wrong with me. If it is a slight labrum tear, I won't do the surgery. It took me years to get over that mess last time. I'll just become an old, bearded tradster rocking out 5.9s for the rest of my days. That actually doesn't sound so bad. Bouldering's freaking hard. Regardless, wish me luck when they slide me into the claustrophobic MRI tube.

Oh, the silver lining, you ask? I did get a script for muscle relaxers, which are awesome with a pitcher of margaitas.


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