Rumbling Bald Fundraiser Update

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend and got some climbing in. I practiced some aid climbing technique while finishing the paint job I started last fall on the exterior of my house. After 2 full days of painitng, I think I'm finally done with the project, and ready to climb A2 at least.

The fundraiser went really well over the weekend! The internet's been out at my house all weekend (perfect time to run an internet fundraiser, right?), but I've been really pleased to see the total climbing up every time I've had the chance to check it. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed, and a special thanks to those who have thrown in more than the $10 minimum--you know who you are and your support has made a huge difference! As of Tuesday morning we've raised $140. This is going a long way towards the CCC's $500 summer goal!

I also have to give a big shout out to Brad Caldwell from Upstatebouldering.blogpsot.com. Brad's been helping to spread the word and his efforts got this fundraiser posted on Deadpointmag.com's home page. So thanks to Brad and to Deadpointmag for putting this promotion front and center on the site. DPM obviously has a real commitment to the climbing community and to access efforts everywhere.

It's not too late to donate and get entered into the fundraiser contest--you could win some booty, including a Misty Powerpack, and you automatically win the prize that has no dollar value: feeling good about buying some sweet rocks! If you climb on 'em, help the CCC buy 'em! This is most definitely a community effort, as everyone from donors to deadpointmag.com has shown. To donate, simply click on the Contribute button on the right side of this page. The contest only runs until July 14th...so lock in your chance for climbing boot-ay now! And thanks again to everyone who's pitched in so far.


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