Interesting Ethan Pringle Interview at Climbing.com

I was surprised today to see Ethan Pringle's name pop up in Climbing.com's hot flashes section for getting the 3rd ascent of Australia's Wheel of Life (V15-ish). Last year Pringle sustained the same injury I had when I was 23--a torn labrum in the shoulder. And damn, has he bounced back fast. It took me over 2 years to fully recover. I guess he had a better PT.

One part of his interview really struck home though, and that was about rediscovering the pure joy of climbing on easy routes when injury takes away the obsession with grades:

"...We hiked over to East Cottage Dome and, against my better judgment, I got on this 5.10c. I actually had to push myself and my shoulder outside my comfort zone, and it ended up being one of the most satisfying climbs I've ever done. The whole experience was so fulfilling. It was great to know I could still get that feeling from easy climbing."

I got that same feeling the first time I sent the Basketball Mantle (V3) on the Shady Grove boulder at Rumbling Bald 2 years after my surgery. I felt like I had totally pushed myself and my shoulder, but it was the first time I felt I had climbed a "real problem" again. The feeling of satisfaction was just as great, if not better, than after sending my hardest projects in Boone years before. I still remember laying back on the rock, and just soaking the experience in and feeling grateful (especially cuz I almost biffed the mantle and fell from the top without a spot and just one deflated old Cordless pad!).

Anyway, reading this interview hit very close to home. The whole thing can be found at Climbing's hot flashes page.


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