Climbing Magazine sold...again

Many folks probably know that Climbing magazine has been sold quite a few times in the last few years. Well, now it's been sold again (read more here). Sorry to say it, but in my opinion the magazine is starting to look like a washed up girl that used to be hot that's now been around the block too many times, and gets worse with each new partner. The quality has nose-dived over the last 10 years. At least in this case, the whole of Skram media, the company that owns Climbing (and Urban Climber and UCTV), is going with it to the new owner and not just selling off Climbing. But it's a sad state when something iconic that used to try to represent the best of climbing culture is being bought and sold again and again at the whim of large media companies trying to connect to our specific demographic (while slashing costs and quality), and not out of any apparent joy or love for the sport itself. That said, it looks like the new owners are getting some good folks in place to work on the mag, so maybe the love'll be represented by the staff, if not the owners. Time will tell. But I haven't renewed my subscription in 2 years, and it's gonna take a kick-ass refresh to get me back.

As a side note, if this stuff interests you, check out this interview with the past editor of Climbing. It speaks a lot to why the mag has declined over the years.

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