Frixtion's Competition

Used to be that when I googled Frixtion, this blog was one of the very few things that popped up. The biggest competition was the FriXion pen and some band with a facebook page. But now there's a new contender on the block using the the oh-so-clever mispelling. And he's--god forbid--one of those "rap artists"...only he's from England or something. He's like the Euro Eminem. But I figure I'm going to start using this song as the backdrop to every climbing video I make from now on. It's obvious that fate is bringing us together. So let the velvety sounds of Frixtion wash over you, my friends...


1 comment:

  1. This is the worst song I've heard in ages. I hope to be blasting through a crux to this in the background in the future- should probably be one of them live sets, where its being ghettoblasted at the climber.