Cute...but odd

Okay, I work in the media industry. I know it's a challenge to find new content areas that haven't been explored. Finding a new niche gets you audience, and audience either gets you paid or gives you warm and fuzzies for getting your word out to the masses. But Cute Climbing Girls of the Week? I ain't no hater, but this just seems like...pandering? Something? Can't quite put my finger on it. But it just seems odd and makes me think some old-school traddy is rolling over in his grave (or van by the river) somewhere. But then, I guess you gotta take any climbing website with a whiskey glass logo with a grain of salt.

Check 'em out: pimpinandcrimpin.com

Photo: pimpinandcrimpin.com

Side note: Since I've been able to climb a lot less lately, I find myself looking at climbing websites a whole lot more. Something's gotta get you through the dry spells, ya know? I may continue to share more of the weird and cool stuff I find out there...

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