Survived the First Week

This was the first week of classes for my Master's degree in Speech Therapy at ASU. So far, so good, but it's gonna be a hell of a semester. Both Melissa and me are taking 17 graduate hours and we have jobs as GAs 10 hours a week. Luckily, Boone is loaded with tons of closeby climbing. I've already been overdoing it, especially since I can walk to a few boulders from my house. (It doesn't get much better than that!) In the last week or two we've been pretty slammed with getting organized and unpacked and getting to class and all that, but we've made it to Ship Rock and Table Rock for roping up, and we've hit some bouldering areas when we have a free hour or so, along with ASU's amazing climbing gym (which they didn't have when I was an undergrad, the wankers!). It's been a lot of fun, but last night I was seriously using 4 ice packs. One for each shoulder, one for my right elbow, and the last for moving around between my strained ab muscle and my neck and my right middle finger. Yeah, it's that bad. But I might have come out of my summer climbing "retirement" a bit too hard. But now that the initial excitement has worn off I'm realizing I need to pace myself a bit!

Here are a few pics from the recent trips out. I haven't been taking quite as many pics lately. But now that we're settling in I plan to get back into shooting again. These are from a trip to Ship Rock, where we climbed Edge of a Dream (5.7); a return trip to Grayson Highlands where we got rained out; and a hike up the Grandfather Mtn. Profile trail, where we also got rained on at the end of the hike.


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  1. Nice! Lately I've been thinking more and more that I'd like to go back and get my PhD...hearing you talk about getting back in the college groove makes me want to do it even more! Sounds like its gonna be tough, but it also sounds like you're back in climbing heaven, which can make the tough more bearable:)