Grayson Highlands State Park

I'm a bit behind getting this post up since we went to Highlands last Sunday. One thing I've noticed about not sitting at a desk for work anymore is I have a lot less time for messing around on the internet and updating the blog. I've actually been enjoying getting away from the computer these last few weeks though. It's a good thing to do every once in awhile.

Anyway, Highlands was a blast. I always love checking out new areas and this place was really different and fun. It doesn't compare size-wise to someplace like Horsepens 40, but it makes for a fun visit nonetheless. In fact, I debated with myself about posting these images. One thing I really liked about Highlands was that it's still so pristine around the boulders (especially in the lower elevations not up in the Highlands area). If you visit, please tread lightly and keep gear sprawl to a minimum. This place is beautiful and we should work to keep it that way. Especially beautiful is the Highlands area itself...you hike for about 15 minutes uphill into terrain that looks like it belongs out west somewhere. It's above the treeline and you can see forever, and there are rock outcroppings popping out all over the horizon. I'm looking forward to going back with just a light daypack and shoes to do some exploring.

The climbing is reminiscent of Hound Ears in many places, but not as sharp. I'm climbing around V2-V3 right now and I had a blast in that grade range. But there's certainly harder stuff I was tempted to get on (but restrained myself so I could avoid more injury). There are some really classic highballs that lend to the adventure climbing feel of the place. My favorite was Highlands Highball, a fin that is maybe V2 and about 20 feet tall. (see the slideshow for pics of it.) (Also, if you want more info, check out my longer post on the area here).

Here are about 30 pics from our day:


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  1. That place looks pretty kewl. I understand that there is lots & lots to do there. Good beta hounds for the area: James Litz & Steve Pope. Be good, climb hard ~ Heath.