So Long Asheville, Hello Boone (again)

Okay, I've finally got some time to get caught up here on the blog. In the last two weeks I had to finish finals for sumer classes, move everything to Boone, drive back and clean the house for new renters, drive back to Boone with more stuff, then drive back to Asheville for my last days of work at Lark. It was busy. I did get to go out to the Walker Creek boulders one last time before I left Asheville, though. Thanks to whoever has been cleaning the place up. Someone has been doing the much-needed work of pulling off all of the loose stuff there, and they've opened up a few good holds on the overhanging face. The hard lines are actually looking climbable now! Please let me know if you've been out there sending any lines...just curious about any development. I'm glad to see that the place is getting some traffic, though. It has some good potential, even if it's small. Also, the scenery is hard to beat.

I've had a little bit of time to climb since moving to Boone, though we've mostly been unpacking and organizing and running errands. It's a bit strange to be back in town and on campus...a bit of a time warp. But it's awesome to be back. I've really missed the ability to go bouldering on short notice, and now I've got a couple of boulders in walkable distance from my house (and a swimming hole!). It's perfect for when you have a short window and want to get a quick workout in. Aside from still dealing with injury, I'm basically in heaven here. We even live on a gravel road that's perfect for going on short jogs. I didn't realize how much I didn't like living smack in the middle of the city until I got here and moved back into the woods.

We also got to take a day trip with a bunch of cool folks from Charlotte, DC, and Columbia to Grayson Highlands this past Sunday. I'll post about that soon, but I was psyched to climb a couple of V2s and V3s, which is a good bit harder than the V1s I've been climbing all summer. And after icing, stretching, and ibuprof-ing, the shoulder felt pretty good the next day. So here's to hoping that taking basically the whole summer off climbing has helped turn the corner on this lingering injury.

Some pics from my last visit to the Walker Creek boulders:


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