Two Down, One to Go: Triple Crown at HP40 Complete

Well, I wish I was there. I had to work on Saturday and couldn't make it down to Horse Pens for the second leg of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series. I heard it was a blast as usual, with some naughty behavior on the award ceremony stage (as usual?). A welcome change this year must have been the cooler temperatures.

Results from the comp are up on the Triple Crown site, along with a link to an article I wrote for Rock & Ice's website about the Hound Ear's comp. Dead Point Magazine's site also has a nice series of images from Horse Pens.

A little sports commentary: Kasia Pietras continues to do well in the Open Women's category, though out-of-towner Angie Payne swooped in to take first at HP40. Still, Pietra's looking good as an overall Triple Crown winner, and my guess is she'll have the local's advantage at Stone Fort. Nearly boring in it's consistency, the Open Men's category continues to be dominated by three young Southern crushers: Brion Voges, Brad Weaver and Jimmy Webb. At least the former two made it somewhat interesting by trading second and third places from Hound Ears. That said, Jimmy Webb continues to hold on to first like a huge, juggy Gerry rail. It seems doubtful that he won't take the series.

The Triple Crown train keeps on chugging. Next stop? Stone Fort. Get ready for some immaculate and inspiring sandstone blocks.

Zachary Lesch-Huie

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  1. Yo dude...you gotta check out Adam Johnson's great photos of the event! You can find them on Climbing.com or at AdamJohnsonPhoto.com. He's got some great shots, that I stole, of Jimmy, Brion and Brad sending some hard stuff that we all dream of sending:)