Hanging On

Thanks to any and all who still may be coming to Frixtion looking for new posts--just hang in there with me! The semester is over next week and I'm cooking up some road trip plans for the holiday break, including Chattanooga and Horse Pens, so I should have some fun stuff to share soon. Right now the only thing I could share with you is info on my Neuroanatomy final. If that's your bag, let me know; I'll try to work it into some future posts. It's also supposed to snow here in Boone tomorrow, so I guess it's officially Rumbling Bald season. Might have to work in a trip there in the next few weeks, too.



  1. You know I loves me some Neuroanatomy:) I've been slammed this semester too and would rather spend most of my free time climbing instead of writing about climbing. I'm looking forward to your tales from the road!

  2. Hang in there Mr. Thick, you'll be climbing again real soon.