Live Rock Climbing Competition on TV! World Cup Finals

Wouldn't that be the day? Like American football, we'd sit on our couch eating potato chips, cheering on the International Sport Climbing World Cup competitors. Everyone would know the climbers' stats, their top sends, their strengths and weaknesses.

Sound crazy? It's not a total pipe dream sports fans. Once again, the mighty internet brings the future to us faster than we can ask for it. Most of this World Cup rock climbing season was streamed live on the internet and, for this climbing nerd anyway, it was surprisingly fun to watch (I know, should have told you before the season was over, but better late then never, right? Plus you can still re-play the videos--more information and links are below).

This past Friday and Saturday, the Rock Climbing World Cup Finals were streamed live from Kranj, Slovenia (highlights here). Our 5' 2" man Ramon Julian Puigblanque killed it, becoming the Men's World Cup Champion. Kim Jain, a crushing climber from Korea took the women's category, becoming the Women's World Cup Champion. Korea's climbers are a growing force on both the bouldering and sport climbing IFSC World Cup circuits.

The Joost blog stays on top of this World Cup live streaming stuff. Or you can just keep up with things on the IFSC's YouTube channel.

It's a recurring question, but as a side topic, where are the U.S. climbers in IFSC's sport climbing circuit? Less surprisingly, IFSC's bouldering competitions receive some U.S. attention, but in general the absence of U.S. climbers is kind of disappointing.

Zachary Lesch-Huie

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