SE xmas trip Part 2: Little Rock City

A day of warmups in LRC because my shoulder was still all wacked out. Melissa did great though, and climbed hard, scary stuff for her experience level. Wish i had gotten some pictures of her, but i was too busy spotting!


  1. LRC looks really cool. I have not been there yet :( My boyfriend and I were supposed to go for a day while we were in Rocktown but Rocktown was too badass to leave. What would you recommend at LRC? Any cushy stand starts??

  2. Isarna, LRC is really cool, and really compact. All of the bouldering is in like a 1/2 mile line or so beside the golf course. The main area has some good obvious v2 and under lines. The best thing to do is just wander around and get on stuff that looks good to you. That's what we did, and we had a great time. The rock is so different from here that it's fun no matter what you get on. Good luck!