Rumbling Bald-A few from the West side

1.25.09. Even though my shoulder's still being a wanker, I had to get out this weekend. Saturday looked killer (from inside my house, where I was cleaning) and the forecast for today, Sunday, looked even better. The forecast was dead on--perfect temps in the 50s or so.

Howie and I met up with Zach, Ehrin, and Ben after we warmed up and climbed Red Sleigh Down (soft V6). It wasn't too bad on my shoulder b/c of a knee bar and then a heel toe jam at the crux took a lot of weight. After that, we were around the Shady Grove boulder with the crew, and finished the day at dusk at the boulder whose name I'm spacing--but it's got the KK Corner on it, a fun, high v4-ish thing.

I borrowed an off-camera flash from work and tried experimenting with real flash photography for the first time. I don't really know what the hell I'm doing--the flash was mostly on Auto, but I did get some cool shots. I've also been shooting in RAW lately, which allows for a lot of color and exposure correction on the image file. I think it has helped some of these shots have a bit more punch.

This is also the first time I've tried using the flickr slideshow to display the pics you see here. It seems like it's easier to do than the slideshow creator i was using, plus the pics can be viewed full screen. This aspect was key as I wanted to display the pics bigger. Click on the arrows in the bottom right of the slideshow to go to fullscreen mode. Also, click the Show Info link once you are in full screen mode to see notes on the images.

Off to take some Ibuprofen...

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