Not Dead

Well, not all is as bad as whined about in my last post from some time ago. I've just been super slammed with work deadlines and some other personal junk too boring to go into. The good news is that the knee is doing very well and my shoulder has been (slowly) on the mend. The bad news is I haven't been climbing nearly as much as usual in the last 2 months and have probably slipped down to a V5 bouldering level on a good day. I got out like twice during all of October...cryin' shame. I do have some pictures to post soon from my 30th b-day bouldering party/outing at the N. Side of Rumbling Bald from the weekend of Oct. 24th. Stay tuned...will try to get pics up soon.

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  1. Good to hear you're still kickin' and Happy late 30th!