Back at it

About a month ago i totally bottomed out energy-wise from too much training for Purgatory (5.13a). I never did send the route, party due to temps getting too warm and partly due to breaking a hold in the crux at the end of the season (and probably partly cuz it's hard!). I actually lost 5 pounds in the training process, which is a lot when you're 6 feet tall and only weigh 160 to start with. Anyway, I ended up having to take about 3 weeks to a month off of training, and i spent a lot of the weekends doing fun laid back stuff like going to Table Rock with my girlfriend, Melissa. I'm just now getting back on the training routine (though I've modified it) and started climbing a bit hard again. This Sunday I went to the Barnardsville boulder with Howie and Ben. It's a fun place...but you've gotta be a V6 climber to get much out of it. I got a couple of cool shots of Howie and Ben on the sick roof on the frontside of the boulder:

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