Holloway Mountain Road Climbing

Have I beaten a dead horse yet in saying how much I love being back in Boone? Even though classes are a total butt kicker right now and we don't get out of classes until 5pm, there's still enough time to get out and climb since there is so much stuff nearby. Recently, Melissa and I have been running near the parkway and then hitting up Holloway Mountian Road, which has a fun, albeit short, cliff with some easy cracks for leading and some top-ropable face climbs. The 3 main cracks, from 5.7 to 5.9, are really fun. The only problem with this wall is how limited it is; after a just cuople of trips, we're already running out of new stuff to climb. But, hey, it's better than gym climbing and it's a great place for new climbers. It's strange, but trad climbing seems to actually be therapeutic for my shoulder. I wake up the next day and my shoulders feel looser than usual and not very sore. So at least I can still trad it up for now!

Here I'm leading the 5.7 Tree Crack:

For directions to Holloway Mountain, click here.


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